Self-service Hot display

Self-service display unit with 4 to 5 shelves inclined at a 5 ° angle to maximise viewing of the products. Panoramic view with low shelves and side windows. Stainless steel fabrication with base in black epox

Keeps all products at a core temperature of between +63*C and +70°C (poultry packed under plastic shells, in bags or different snack packaging) in order to comply with food safety requirements, whilst respecting the organoleptic qualities required for the food safety of consumers regardless of where placed on the presentation shelf. Low electric power with connection under 230 volts so that units can easily be moved to different locations in the store, Energy optimization, Lighting on each level by halogen lamp.

Original design with combination of a cylindrical air blowing turbine and radiant heaters.

  • 6MCV4LS GG EtaC+prod 1com
  • 6MCV4LS TA - CamSpe
  • 6MCV4LS GG EtaC+po 1com
  • 6MCV4LS
  • 6MCV4LS GG EtaC Xcom
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  • 10MCV4LS GG EtaC+po 1com
  • 10MCV4LS GG EtaC Xcom

Advanced technology

The heat diffusion works with a cylindrical heating turbine as large as the display. Thanks to this, there are no loss of heat. The hot air flow covers the entire height of the shelf. That allows you to stack products and increasing the storage and presentation capacity. You have heat at every level of the display and the ventilation system keeps food from drying out



Hot display with different temperatures on each level

Some products requires higher temperature to reach 63°C at the core. For example, the temperature must be higher for a soup than a sandwich.

Our hot display with independent levels allows you to control temperature at every level and preserve the quality and warmth of the products for long time.


Save energy with independent levels

If you choose independent levels, the showcase does not require every levels to be switched on. The financial energy savings are significant compared to a piece of furniture that operates all or nothing.

HEATED DISPLAYS Independent control



Essentiel 6MCV4LS.I 21 to 42 poultries in shells

Power supply 220-240 Volts

Electrical power 3.8 kW

Weight and size 148 kg ; 1745 x 735 x 650 mm

Shipping weight and size 182 kg ; 1960 x 760 x 1060 mm



Essentiel 0MCV4LS.I 37 to 74 poultries

Power supply 220 to 240 Volts

Electrical power 6.2 kW

Weight and size 185 kg ; 1745 x 735 x 1025 mm

Shipping weight and size 240 kg ; 1960 x 760 x 1060 mm