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Rotisserie cooking is a pleasure for both the eyes and the nose.  We wish for your satisfaction and that of your customers. A professional rotisserie purchased from us offers you the guarantee of satisfied customers. In our range of professional cooking equipment, you will find gas rotisseries, which have the advantage of being mobile and allowing sale at street markets or in fairgrounds, for example. Another possibility is our electric Olympia and Millenium rotisseries, that offer great performance.


Rotisol’s full range of rotisseries from luxury models for hotels and restaurants, supermarket models, market models and small retailers. From 6 to 64 chickens. With optional accessories and various configuration options.

Head Upp Dispalys

Self-service display unit with 4 to 5 shelves inclined at a 5 degree angle to maximize viewing of the products. Panoramic view with low shelves and side windows. Stainless steel fabrication with base in black epoxy..



Our excellent back-up support and services have enabled us to expand from strength to strength. Our rotisseries and other products are now used by renowned restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and chain stores throughout the world. We help you all the way, from planning of your concept to education of your personnel.

Our team helps you to plan your concept, Design and produced your packaging in Europe in respect of local legislation and environmental requirement. Of course, all packaging are adapted to rotisserie grilling.

With a 5 stars rotisserie we recommend you 5-star chicken and meat. With Free range or ECC Chickens from France, enjoying a better life than standard chicken you are well on your way. Take a closer look at for the chicken and for the meat products. We will soon be able to offer you some amazing spices to guarantee a mouthwatering result.